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About Me

My name is Julia Puishys, and I am the quiet and quirky owner, designer, and creator behind Luna Jewelry.


Luna Jewelry was born in 2009 as a way of being able to share my unique, handcrafted wearable art with the world. My jewelry creations can be anything from colorful and whimsical to minimalist and simple. I strive to produce high quality, unique pieces using the best ingredients available, such as druzy quartz gemstones, Czech glass, Swarovski Elements, sterling silver, and silver fill.


I have a belief that with every outfit that a woman puts on, there is a piece (or pieces) of jewelry that helps her to feel more grounded, beautiful, and unique. With Luna I celebrate the the fact that women can tell their story with their jewelry. They can feel more confident. They can feel Gorgeous (with a capital G!). And I feel great about the fact that I can help with that process. 


My Story


I grew up in a small suburb of Boston and was enamored with drawing from a young age. In high school, an art teacher encouraged me to try painting. Oils and acrylics really weren't my thing, but I found watercolor to be fun and full of possibilities. As a young adult, I still loved my watercolors, but I found boredom slowly sinking in. I realized that I needed to stretch my creative horizons. I explored photography, polymer clay sculpture, and dabbled in creating plush animals (my daughters loved this phase). In 2008 I tried my hand at jewelry making and found my new "home".

During this time of practicing and honing my craft, I was about nine years into a career at a large financial firm. As the recession went into full swing, however, I found myself laid off in March of 2009. Many would not say this, but I felt a large sense of relief. My husband and I had a daughter under two at the time. As I was unable to stay at home with our first, I loved that I now had the opportunity to stay home with our second. By August of 2009, I was ready to start selling my work and opened my Etsy shop. I have been growing Luna Jewelry since then have not looked back!

Our daughters are growing up fast, and I am so grateful that I am able to experience the freedom of being home with (and for) them as I also do what I love.

Wishing you a life of love, happiness, fun, passion, and fulfillment.





My work has been sent to homes in 14 countries thus far, and the list is growing rapidly. I am a proud member of The Artisan Group and have had pieces worn on the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries (CW Network).